AltTextSections Box

Works without Sections Pro
Make hover captions with Sections Pro
Add Backgrounds and Overlays to any stack
Pro Style Master enabled
Unique Full WIdth Breakout featureFoundation Only
Works in any theme

Hover To See the Sections Box Demo

A comparison of Sections Box and Sections Fix

Sections Box

  • Works with or without Sections Pro
  • Make custom hover captions with Sections Pro
  • Position content relative to Section
  • Position content relative to another Sections Box
  • Overlay other content
  • Target animations on individual boxes
  • Allows full width inside Foundation Columns
  • Control Layering
  • Fully featured background and overlay child stacks
    • Colors
    • Gradients
    • Images
    • CMS Images
  • Compatible with ProStyles master backgrounds and overlays.

Sections Fix

  • Requires Sections Pro
  • Fix content relative a Section
  • Overlap Section boundaries
  • Responsive position changes.
  • Target animations on all Fix stacks together

Sections Box is available as a separate stack download here

Sections Box can be used for positioning and backgrounds/overlays without the use of Sections Pro.
Its animations and advanced hover effects require that it is placed within a Sections Pro stack.