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What it does.

Sections Box is very small container stack that does some quite unique things.

You can use Sections Box in any theme, with or without Sections Pro. If you are a Foundation user then you also get some great optimizations and really useful features.

Box Mode

Super Simple to use. Backgrounds, overlays and positioning.

Caption / Animate Mode

Powerful positioning and custom captions.

Create animations like these icons and the header on this page.

Full Width Override

Allow content and/or backgrounds to be full width even when in a parent Foundation column.

  • Add backgrounds and overlays to anything.
  • Totally unique vertical alignment options.
  • Content Alignment.
  • Powerful Padding controls.
  • Multiple Visibility options.

  • Build totally custom hover captions.
  • Position anything anywhere inside a Sections Pro.
  • Even more content alignment options.
  • Build what was previously impossible.

  • Less stacks on your page.
  • Simplified edit mode.
  • Makes it easier to change your designs.


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