Updating from Version 1

Once installed, Sections Pro version2 will change your existing Sections Pro stacks to Legacy (deprecated stacks). THEY WILL ALL CONTINUE TO WORK AND BE EDITABLE.

You can leave existing legacy instances in your projects without problems there is no requirement to swap them for the new v2 stacks.

If you do however decide to update your existing legacy stacks you will benefit from all the great new features.

Transferring Existing Child Stacks

Just copy them to the new stack....

The existing child stacks (Animate Elements, Sections Layer and Smart Visibility) are compatible with both version 1 and version 2.

You can therefore simply copy and paste them from your old stacks to the new ones. There is no need to replicate all the settings in a new child stack.

Pro Styles Masters

The same rules apply to the Sections master styles in your Pro Styles stack.

Existing Sections Master styles will be marked as legacy and will continue to work. New version 2 Sections stacks will even use their layout styles.

The new Sections Master stacks are much more powerful though and you should start using them from now on. The layout, backgrounds, overlays and borders are now in separate child stacks. This means that you can mix an match which styles you apply to any given section.

All can share a layout but have a variety of different backgrounds for example. This saves even more code on you page and is a lot quicker to implement when designing your pages.

Make sure that you update the Pro Styles stack

The new Sections Master child stacks are contained in the Sections update. You must update Pro Styles though in order for these to be enabled and to show in the Pro Styles add child menu.