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Almost unlimited layout possibilities.
Sections Pro unleashes your potential.

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Learn Sections Demo Site

The Learn Sections Site is a complete and growing resource on how to use Sections Pro v2 and the whole thing is a downloadable project file.

Using the Smart Visibility child

SectionsPro 2 has a child stack called Smart Visibility. This enables you to selectively display a section dependent on either cookie or scroll conditions.

Sections CMS Integration

Sections Pro has native integration with Total and Easy CMS including some unique Total Blog features.

Blur backgrounds made easy.

Using Sections Pro to create blurred backgrounds is an easy and flexible way to handle different sized images. Now with Total Blog image integration.

/ This and much more.

See the demo sites to appreciate the full potential.

Banded Pages

Easily make banded pages with style and flexibility. With Sections Pro almost anything is possible from angles and connectors to full CMS control with Easy or Total CMS

Straight Sections

Proportional Content

Sections Pro has Content Control which means even in proportionally sized layouts your content will never get cropped.

Proportional Sections

Unique Fixed Content

The included Sections Fix stack allows some great layout elements with overlapping content and full responsive control

Sections Fix Example

Custom Hover Captions

Using the Sections Box stack you can re-create almost any hover caption style that you like. Completely freeform and yet easy to build.

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/ Think it. Make It.